Brett Wright



To know me is to understand my devotion to my family.  My wife, Shelie, is my foundation and support system. She is my confidant, my partner, my friend, and the mother of our four children. We made Eagle Mountain our home in 2004 because of the rural, small town atmosphere and the open natural feeling of the community.

We moved in order to escape the hustle and bustle of the Wasatch front.  I’m certain that my children will recount the many times we traveled to our then vacant lot simply to pick up trash and sit on the rocks on the hillside.  I would ask them, “Listen, do you hear that?” to which they would respond, “Hear what?” “Exactly” was my eager and playful reply.  Eagle Mountain has always been a safe, peaceful, serene place for my family.

My family is everything to me and has grown and stayed in Eagle Mountain. In fact, many of my extended family members now call Eagle Mountain home.